S&P Performance on September 10th’s – A Bit of A Bounce

The S&P 500’s running total performance on September 10th’s has trended up as of late on both a points and percentage basis.  Likely not much more than the result of a bounce from October 9th’s trending down.

October 10th’s running total on a points basis.

October 10th’s running total on a percent basis.

Wednesday’s in October are middle of the pack.


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S&P Performance on October 9th’s – Not Good

The running total in both points and percent is not good for October 9th’s. Only counterbalance is that Tuesday’s are the best day of the week in October.

Running total performance of 9th’s by points.

Running total performance of 9th’s by percent.


Tuesday’s have the best performance out of days of the week in October.



S&P 500 Performance on September 17th’s

September 17th’s historically do not offer positive performance.  Starting all the way back in 1996 it’s been virtually straight down.  Contrarians?



To add a bit of additional context – Monday’s in September are the worst performing day of the week on a Friday Close to Monday Close basis.